Mandated by the Executive Committee on August 23, 2011


At the annual meeting of the 2010-11 season, the membership in attendance voted to enforce tournament sanctioning for the next season.  However, as time was very short, a formal policy was not discussed.  On August 14, 2011, as recorded in the minutes, the new Board of Directors reached consensus on such policy and presented their proposal to the Executive Committee for a vote.

Existing policies of several divisions were studied prior to the creation of this draft.

As sanctioning is on a first-come-first-serve basis, the aim of this policy is to encourage organizers to plan early in the season and provide competitors and families advance notice.  This policy also seeks to reduce, if not eliminate, scheduling problems with venues and conflicts between tournaments.

Division’s Sanctioning Authority

The current USFA Operations Manual (version 2011) clearly defines a division’s sanctioning power in Chapter 3.  To summarize, a sanctioned competition is one that has been authorized by USFA designated representatives who are responsible for the operation and conduct of official competitions.  For a competition to be sanctioned, it must be included on a division’s official calendar.  Unsanctioned competitions cannot award ratings.

Authority Further Defined by USFA Central Florida, Inc.

Sanctioning authority is held by all members of the Board of Directors.  However, this responsibility is assigned to the Vice Chair.  Should the Vice Chair be unavailable, the Chair will then assume the role, followed by the Secretary, and finally, the Treasurer.

The official Division calendar is managed solely by the Board of Directors, and more specifically, the Vice Chair.  The calendar is published to the Division’s website which is maintained by its web master.  The Fencing Results & Events Database (FRED) online tournament administration tool is not the Division’s official calendar.

Procedure for Sanctioning a Competition

Competitions Internal to the Division

  1. Organizer contacts the Board of Directors (or at least the Vice Chair) with the following information:

    1. Name of organizer (club, individual, sports council, etc.)

    2. Name of competition

    3. Name and address of venue

    4. Tentative events (actual times and dates are not necessary)

    5. Whether grounded strips will be used or not

    6. Name and FOC ratings of head referee

  2. The following checks will be performed by the sanctioning authority:

    1. If any of the above information is missing, the organizer will be contacted and the request will be held.

    2. If the competition dates conflict with any Division qualifier, or other tournament owned by the Division, the request will be denied.

    3. If the competition dates conflict with another club-owned tournament, offers at least one identical event and is within 75 miles of the other, the request will be denied.

  3. Once the competition has been sanctioned, it will be included on the official calendar and will be announced to the Executive Committee for further distribution. 

  4. A sanctioning fee of $20 is payable to the Division within 10 business days of approval, or sanctioning will be revoked.  No ratings change forms will be submitted, and subsequent sanctioning requests will be denied, until payment has been received.  This fee is non-refundable in the event of cancellation, but is applicable to the same tournament if a change in date within the same season is required.

  5. If a competition has been denied sanction, the organizer may request an executive committee meeting for further discussion.  The organizer may attend the meeting, but will have no voting power.

Competitions External to the Division Authority

For tournaments outside the authority of the Division, such as Regional and Super Youth Circuits, the organizer/host must send a letter of notification to the Division Board of Directors prior to a bid with the USFA.

Once the division receives a Letter of Notification regarding an event sanctioned by the USFA, the Division cannot give subsequent sanctioning to another event for the date requested. If the division sees an egregious conflict they are to work with the organizer to resolve the conflict. If they cannot come to an agreement, the division is required to notify the regional coordinator of the conflict. If the Bid is approved by the Regional Coordinator the Division will list the date on the official calendar and no other subsequently submitted events will be sanctioned on the same day per existing Division policies. If the Bid is not approved by the Regional Coordinator the date shall be released for sanctioning of other events. Regional and Super Youth Circuit, Regional Open Circuit, Sunshine State Games and other regional/national tournaments are exempt from sanctioning fees.

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