Full-Time Referee as Defined by the Division

The incentives described in this policy apply only to certified referees who work “full time” at a tournament within the Division boundaries.  The referee need not be a member of the Division.

A “full time” referee is defined as:

  • Certified 10 or higher in any weapon (not a “P”)

  • One who has attended a tournament to direct, not fence.  However, a referee may direct one day of the event and fence on another.

  • One who has directed for the duration of the day’s schedule, but not necessarily in multiple weapons.  In example, a referee may elect to direct only foil events and still be counted as full-time.


Adjusted Pay Scale

The Division has adjusted the USFA scale to better reflect the skill level implied by each rating.  All ratings continue to receive a $20 per diem, per day, unless meals are provided.  The honorarium awarded pertains to the highest rating a referee holds.


A rating of 10 receives an honorarium of $35 per day.  Additionally, 9/$40, 8/$45, 7/$50, 6/$55, 5/$60, 4/$65, 3/$75, 2/$110 and 1/$110.



The Division will pay $0.20 per mile traveled.  *Note:  Central Florida will pay $0.70 per mile to anyone hauling one of the trailers with Division owned strips and machines to a qualifier or championship.



The Division will try to conduct referee training during seasons ending in an even number (i.e., 2011-12).  While an earnest attempt must be demonstrated to the membership, the budget must support such training.

The Division will reimburse the online test to those who have passed and have officiated at least one Division tournament after passing the exam.

If the training is conducted by an FOC instructor, requiring a fee, the Division will attempt to reimburse any attendee, who is a member of the Division, 50% of that fee.  In example, if the instructor charges $65, the Division will make every effort to pay $32.50 of that fee.

If the training is more localized, and conducted by the highest ranking referees available, then the Division reserves the right to charge a nominal fee to fund the event up to a maximum of $20.

Provided the budget is accommodating, the Division will reimburse the testing fee to any new referees.

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