Few individuals have worked as tirelessly as Coach Jim Campoli.  In fact, by all rights, Central Florida Division probably should be called the "Campoli Division"!  Though retired from the sport, Jim's fencing record dates back to 1946.  

In a 1959 alumni newsletter, the athletic department of the Lawrence Technological University in Michigan confirms that Jim revived their fencing club following WWII, coached it for ten years, and was even nominated to the 1960 Olympic squad!!

Jim is a three weapon competitor and in 1958, he and his teammates from Michigan won the National Epee Team Championship in Los Angeles.

It wasn't until 1974 that he moved to Oldsmar and revived the Dunedin Fencing Club, which had broken-up in the 1960's.  From then on, Jim directed this Division non-stop.  He was well known for throwing the season's largest tournament, the Gasparilla Open, and apparently even had it televised on the local PBS station.

Jim Campoli, and his trophy, represent the best qualities in a person and in a fencing club. Displaying hard work, dedication, integrity and genuine concern for those around him, Jim is a beacon of light in our sometimes rough-and-tumble sport.  

Thanks for everything, Jim!

Beginning in 2010, all clubs within the Division compete at the annual championship for the chance to carry the Jim Campoli Club Trophy.  The club with the most points at the end of the tournament takes the trophy home for the duration of the following season.

Past Top Clubs

N/A - Cancelled due to COVID 19, 2019-20

Stoccata Fencing Academy, 2018-19

Stoccata Fencing Academy, 2017-18

Stoccata Fencing Academy, 2015-16
Stoccata Fencing Academy, 2014-15
SW Florida Fencing Academy, 2013-14
Tampa Fencing Academy, 2012-13
Tampa Fencing Academy, 2011-12
Sarasota Fencing Academy, 2010-11

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