Winner of 2019-2020 Charles Johnson Sportsmanship Award Announced

Alex Yim of Orlando Fencing Academy is the winner of 2019-2020 Charles Johnson Sportsmanship Award. This award is given to a fencer with Excellence in Sportsmanship and Exceptional Integrity. The candidates are nominated by EC member of clubs and voted by members of Executive Committee.

Alex is currently a senior at Orlando Science High School. He started fencing when he was a freshman in 2017 as an inaugural member of Orlando Science High School Fencing Team. C rated fencer in Foil and certified 6 rated USFA referee, Alex was coached by Coach Daniel Bucur of Genesis Fencing Club and his father Coach Sung Yim of Orlando Fencing Academy.

Congratulations Alex !!!

Winner of 2018-2019 Charles Johnson Sportsmanship Award Announced

Sam Harris of Winter Garden Fencing Academy is the winner of 2018-2019 Charles Johnson Sportsmanship Award. This award is given to a fencer with Excellence in Sportsmanship and Exceptional Integrity. The candidates are nominated by coach of member clubs and voted by members of Executive Committee.

Sam began fencing at Winter Garden Fencing Academy at the age of 9 and continued all the way through high school. He is a C rated fencer in both Epee and Foil. He is currently a sophomore at Samford University in Birmingham, AL where he plays on Samford’s Ultimate Frisbee Club team. He is majoring in Biology and plans to attend medical school after graduation.

Congratulations, Sam !!!

EJ to Drew University

Edward James (aka EJ) from Tampa Fencing Academy was recruited by Drew University.  He will be joining Rangers Fencing Team starting fall of 2020. He is an Epee fencer.

He will be studying International Relations and Business and is looking forward to Drew internships at the United Nations and on Wall Street.

“I want to personally thank the men that have coached EJ. Boyko Krastevich, EJ’s first coach, German Paz (Naples Fencing Academy), and Enrique Claro (Tampa Fencing Academy). A very special thank you to Maestro Bob Lightner, who encouraged and mentored EJ from our first meeting. He was always there to give EJ advice on how to size up opponents, strategize, and prepare. He is generous with his time and immense knowledge of fencing and is a wonderful resource. If you have an opportunity to attend one of his armoring clinics—I highly recommend it.”  Said Leanne James, mother of EJ.

Congratulations to James family and Tampa Fencing Academy!!

David Tierny to Duke

David Tierney, foil fencer from Naples Fencing Academy is heading out to Duke University. He will be a part of Blue Devil Fencing Team starting fall of 2020.

“We are most proud of David's hard work and dedication to his sport the past 9 years, and we are especially grateful to Coach Paz for helping him develop his skills and achieve his goal of going to Duke University to fulfill his dream of fencing for the Blue Devils!” Said Jeanne and Peter Tierney parents of David.

Congratulations David!!! Keep up the good work.

Congratulations to Central Florida Division Regional Patch Winners

USA Fencing has announced the 2019-20 Regional Recognition Program winners.

Congratulations to the seven Central Florida Division patch winners:


Logan Gatza Y14ME

Logan Gatza Y14MF

Alexandra Nikolic Y14WF

Maia Slowinski JNRWF


Ava Chang Y14WE

Christian McGuire Y12MS

Alexander Romero Kuri Y12ME


Aaron Gonzalez Y10ME

Nine other Florida fencers also received regional patch recognition. Read the full article from USA Fencing.

2019 ~ 2020 All-Academic and All-American Team

USFA announced the 2019-2020 High School All-Academic Team and All-American Team selection.

22 high school fencers from the Central Florida Division (CFD) were named All-Academic Team and 8 fencers were named All-American Team. Local High School Fencers representing 7 clubs and 12 high schools were recognized as members of All-Academic Team and Fencers representing 4 clubs and 6 high schools were recognized as members of All-American Team.

Orlando Fencing Academy which won 2019 All-Academic Team Recognition with 19 All-Academic Team Selections, displayed another strong presence in national stage by producing 14 All-Academic Team members. This places Orlando Fencing Academy as number 3 in the nation. Also Orlando Science High School and Trinity High School placed 6 of their fencers in All-Academic Team.

Orlando Fencing Academy also leads the counts on All-American Selection with 4. Logan Gatza won All-American Award in two different weapons (Foil, Epee).

“As a member of CFD, coach and father of fencer, I’m so happy to see this kind of nationally recognized awards won by our young fencers. On behalf of all the members of CFD, we are extremely proud of our high school fencers’ accomplishment.”, said Sung Yim, Chairman of CFD. “The athletic and academic growth of our young fencers will definitely strengthening our division’s presence in the national stage.” Yim continued.

To recognize these fencers’ accomplishments, an official email from the division was sent to the principals of each high school.

Congratulations to all the fencers, coaches and parents who won this prestigious awards!

2020 ~ 2021 Board of Directors Election Results

On 6/20/2020, The Central Florida Division conducted its annual Board of Directors election in Tampa and Orlando. Due to the current situation, the CFD championship (were election usually takes) place was cancelled. However, division members were able to cast their votes as absentee votes or in person by coming to Tampa Fencing Academy (Tampa) and Sword Masters Fencing Club (Orlando) locations on that same date.  The booths were opened between 10:00 AM ~ 1:00 PM.

Election Results


Incumbent, Sung Yim (Orlando Fencing Academy) won, defeating Leandro Durand.

Durand: 9 votes (7%) Yim: 122 votes (93%)

Vice Chairman:

Carlos Kuri (Sword Masters Club) won, defeating Dr. Ray Blair (Naples Fencing AcademyThe ).

Blair: 37 votes (28%) Kuri: 98 votes (72%)


Riley Roca (Timber Creek High School Fencing Club) won, defeating incumbent, Annie Kwong.

Kwong: 20 votes (16%) Roca: 107 votes (84%)


Daniel Bucur (Genesis Fencing Club) won, defeating incumbent, Dr. Thomas Cheng (Penta Olympic Fencing Club).

Bucur: 107 votes (82%) Cheng: 24 votes (18%)

Carrollwood Day School senior using quarantine downtime to work on fencing skills

Edward James (aka EJ), epee fencer from Tampa Fencing Academy was featured on local TV news. Please click on the link to read his story and interview. EJ has been recruited by Drew University and will start college in this fall semester.

Congratulations, EJ. Keep up the good work.



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